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Affordable office equipment supplier
Located in Charleston for over 20 years

Affordable Business Machines (ABM) helps our clients increase productivity by streamlining information in and out of the organization with minimum operator intervention.

“We were looking for a company that could be ‘Johnny on the spot’ if and when we have any problems with the copiers. ABM does the job.”

– Cindy B. Wiggins

“They have been very helpful in explaining every aspect of their machines so that we were able to compare with other competitors. We came to the conclusion that they offer the best product at the best price. “

– Mark Sweat

“I want to thank ABM and their team for helping my office on so many occasions. My staff, my clients, and I are very grateful. I would recommend ABM to anyone who ever had a copier/printer need.”

– Jessie J. Glenn | Glenn Law Firm

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